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    Is Prayer So Vital?

    For all Christians prayer is vital and should be an integral part of their daily lives. Prayer allows them to worship and Praise their Lord. Prayer also the means by which Christians to present their requests to God.

    Christians pray for multiple reasons. Some do it because it is a form of serving God and others do so seeking solutions for their problems. The main purpose of prayer is to develop a relationship with God. This can only be achieved if you are willing to listen and talk with Our Father Which is in Heaven and Lord Jesus Christ.

    Prayer is an intentional and meaningful way to connect with Almighty God, which can be a quiet moment of reflection or reciting a bible verse.

    There are times when Christians feel their prayers are not being heard, or they become discouraged with praying and even believe that their prayers really don’t make a difference. However, prayer can make all the difference in the world so have faith and continue to pray, regardless of feeling or visible discouragements, when you truely pray it will always result in a closer and more intimate connection with Our Father - Avinu, which is in Heaven ("Our Father" is the word "Avinu" in the Hebrew Tongue).

    Maranatha - Even So Come Lord Jesus

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