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Prayer Conference

    Prayer Conference Can Inspire a Congregation

    One purpose of a prayer conference is to gather God’s people together to learn how to pray. Another is to motivate and inspire to see their church become a house of prayer.

    In John Matthew 21:12-13; Mark 11:15-17; Luke King of Kings Jesus/Yeshua said My Father's House shall be called a house of prayer, but many times today as in our Lord and Savior's day Our Father, Avinu's house is made into a market place to make money.

    Reclaiming your church assembly as a house of prayer leads pastors and elder and congregations to focus on the highest priority, which is prayer. A prayer conference at all levels whether local or national or international can answer questions such as why pray, why pray together and why get together and pray as local bodies of Christ, etc.

    It can also address the most vital issues for ministries ranging from burned-out pastors who do not know what to do with struggles among members of the congregation and other fellowshiep related issues.

    Concluding a prayer conference with an effective action plan encourages and assists attendees, as they return to their church driven and motivated to implement the strategies that will ensure they focus on involving the entire church in basic scriptural principles starting with prayer.

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